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Since 10 years ago, in 2012, I’ve been reading texts of survivors from concentration camps in Germany and Russia. After some readings, I found interesting to carry out a reflexión about those testimonies. I talked about this subject to the profesor of the University of Barcelona (UB) Josep Ma. Esquirol and he encouraged me to go ahead with this proposal.

So, in this way this research project “Philosophy and terror” was born.
At the beginning my job was basically to compile material, based specially on readings of testimonies from de concentration camps, readings of history books about the camps and some selected philosophical readings. I gathered a lot of material, and all that material, which is not at all exhaustive, has benn the basis of the project.
The project was not predeterminated, but it has evolved at the same time I was writing. The final result, so far, is three books. The first of them was published in February 2020 (Testimonis sense veu, Eumo editorial, Vic / Testimonys without voice). These are the contents:


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